The Association, which was established in 1933, today totals 43 cooperatives and 8,718 farmer-members. This represents almost all of farming families in the province of Sitia.

Its everyday activities include, the supply of agricultural equipment, the supply of technical advise to its members, the sales of agricultural supplies, etc.

Its focal points however are in the fields of olive oil and wine.

In the field of olive oil the Association collects the produce of the area and brings it to the Greek and international market either in bulk or as a standardised product. The excellent quality of the olive oil is proved by its good position in the difficult market of Italy.

The Association's facilities provide storage for 5,000 tons of olive oil and a bottling capacity of 10,000 kg daily.

In the field of wine the Association has made great progress. Due to its modern wine factory it succeeds in making wine from grapes which come from the mountainous ecosystem of the region, producing either bottled or bulk  wine of the highest quality.

Lets us stay for a while at the mountainous ecosystem of the Province of Sitia, which is one of the best in the Mediterranean for the cultivation of vineyards. The minimal changes in the yearly temperature and a relatively stable humidity, combined with the constant presence of sunlight provide the ideal environment for the varieties Vilana, Moschato, Thrapsathiri and Liatiko. From the vinification of these grapes the Association produces a range of bottled connoisseur wines like:

  •   Sitia OPAP (appellation d'origin, white and red)
  •   Table wine MYRTON (white, red and rose)
  •   Retsina 'MYRTO'
  •   'TOPLOU Estate' (Monasterial Wine - red, sweet and natural)

It also produces the high quality traditional Tsikoudia 'Varvaki'.

In the cellar of the winery, besides the wine vaults there is a tasting room,  a projection room, a bar and a sales point of the products.