Wine Tasting

In Sitia, an area where the slopes of the mountains are lush with wide expanses of olive groves and picturesque vineyards, renowned for its exquisite wines, its traditional raki (tsikoudia) and its exceptionally fine olive oil which has won many awards for quality, the region's Agricultural Co-operative has created a complex in the traditional Sitian style including an area for tasting, a cellar for maturing wines and a projection room for showing audio-visual material.


We invite you to become accented through this audio - visual presentation with something of the history, tradition and culture of this region and to experience for yourself  the wonderful flavors of the wines, raki (tsikoudia) and particularly fine olive oil, and to journey back in your mind to the life in Sitia of former times looking at the rare collection of photographs that decorate the exhibition area.

Come and be guided on this trip through our local culture and traditions and the fine satisfying tastes of the products of the area.