I. Virgin Olive Oil

In general, virgin olive oil is, regardless of its quality level, a natural product, which has not had its characteristics altered, has been extracted naturally, without chemicals or other processing and the heat during pressing which does not exceed 33o Celsius cannot affect its quality., It is the oil used in most olive oil producing areas in Greece and the same referred to by medical studies, which proved that the Cretan diet is the healthiest in the Mediterranean. This oil retains all its natural characteristics which have been pressed out of the olive fruit, including various trace elements and vitamins.

1. Virgin olive oil - extra
Exceptional quality olive oil. Particular natural flavour and taste. Acidity ranges between 0.1-1 (0.1 – 1 grams oleic acid per 100 grams olive oil)

2. Virgin olive oil – fine
Olive oil with excellent smell and taste. Acidity can reach 1.5 grams oleic acid per 100 grams olive oil

3. Virgin olive oil - semi-fine
A virgin olive oil with a good taste and smell. Acidity can reah 3.3 grams oleic acid per 100 grams olive oil.

4. Virgin olive oil – lampante
Taste and smell are not good. It cannot be consumed without being refined. Acidity can reach 3.3%.