This comes from the industrial type of oil “lampante”. It has a bad smell and taste so it needs to be processed in order to be made edible. The refining eliminates the bad smell and taste so that the oil attains neutral characteristics. The main problem with refined oil is the down-grade of its characteristics and a decrease in its vitamin value as well as other important agents it contains, such as tocopherols and sterols. Refined oil tends to e the same bright colour which extra virgin olive oil has. It is light yellow colour without smell or taste which would attract interest, in other words, neutral. The production of refined oil is limited in Greece in comparison with other oil producing countries which use this method on the larger part of their production. Greek olive oil is a high quality product and does not need to be processed in order to be consumed. That is why the inhabitants of areas where high quality olive oil is consumed, find it difficult to accept anything less.